Jesse Faden - Control

Release: 2019
Microsoft Windows | Xbox One | PlayStation 4

You might have heard of Control but not looking into it, so we are here to tell you all about it. Control is one of the anticipated games in 2019 which is rightfully so. Remedy Entertainment is developing the game, and it is going to be available on all the latest platforms.

Jesse Faden, the protagonist, has a tragic childhood which grants her series of supernatural powers such as telekinesis which she can use to make a shield out of debris and overall hurl objects at enemies. Players can unlock more abilities by completing side quests for them. Faden will also have a pistol called the Director’s Pistol which can shift into different objects.

Jesse Faden - Control

Jesse Faden is the director of Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) where she initially sought to find answers for her superpowers. The headquarter of FBC called The Oldest House is taken over by the former director Zachariah Trench. Jesse Faden must defeat the soul of the former director of FBC Zachariah Trench to unveil the answers.

The storyline is exciting and hopefully doesn’t let the fans down upon release as that has been a trend for a few games. We don’t know the exact time of release other than that it will release somewhere in 2019.

You can check out the gameplay below.

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