If you are need of an upgrade right now, though, it’s a good time to pounce. Corsair, which makes some of the best DDR4 RAM, has a 16GB DDR4-3000 Vengeance RGB Pro kit that is available for $84.99.

The only thing is that, you have to purchase these RAMs from Best Buy and use Google Express at checkout and use the coupon code MAYSAVE19 at checkout. It’s intended for first time orders, and knocks 20 percent (up to $20) off the tally. In this case, you get the max $20 discount.

Having 16GB of RAM is generally considered the sweet spot. We don’t recommended going as low as 4GB these days, and while 8GB will get you by, 16GB is preferred.

The RAM prices are going down and according to our opinion, they are going down for time being. Even this particular RAM kit was expensive at a time around $200. Even as early as last month, this kit was going for around $140. At the price it’s at now, after discount, we can confidently recommend pulling the trigger.

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