Space is always at a premium on any desk, and clutter tends to make most people less productive. If you’re looking for a cool two-in-one solution that combines multiple must-have items into one, definitely check out the Corsair mm1000 Qi Wireless Charging Mouse Pad. It’s a nice big mouse pad that’s quite comfortable, and it also has a wireless charging pad built into the area in the corner. Does your phone not support wireless charging? Don’t worry because there are also adapters that let you plug it in to charge.

Charging Accessories for Mobile Phones Included

Here’s some additional info from the product page:

  • Qi wireless charging allows you to effortlessly charge any QI Certified Device
  • Included USB Micro-B, Type-C and Lightning QI charging adapters enable you to charge almost any other wireless/mobile Device
  • Performance micro-textured Hard surface tuned for Optical or laser mouse precision
  • Convenient USB 3.0 pass-through port for maximum Device compatibility
  • Built-in LED indicator displays charging status at a glance

So it is definitely a space saver and a handy product as well. Suppose charging you phone at the same desk you are using your PC without a hassle of extra charging cables. Imagine you have a Qi enabled wireless mouse from corsair or some other brand and you do not need a separate charger for this. All of this is now in your approach for just $39.99 on Amazon right now. So hurry up, this deal might not last forever.

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