The new Ironclaw RGB Wireless goes all the way to 18,000 dpi and that is a huge sensitivity for a gaming mouse we’ve seen yet.

Any debate over which is the best gaming mouse inevitably brings up a discussion over moderate versus high sensitivity tracking, and wired versus wireless. If you happen to prefer the latter in both categories, Corsair’s new Ironclaw RGB Wireless may interest you.
As the name implies, it’s a wireless version of the Ironclaw RGB that Corsair trotted out at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. The new wireless model retains the same PMW 3391 optical sensor as its wired brethren, and can likewise go all the way up to 18,000 dpi.
Another mouse from Corsair, Glaive RGB Pro that also has an 18,000 dpi sensor, the Ironclaw RGB Wireless features Bluetooth connectivity, though competitive gamers are more likely to utilize the 2.4GHz “SLIP STREAM” wireless option. This requires plugging in the included USB dongle, and according to Corsair, it delivers a “wired mouse gaming experience”. The latency is said to be 1ms. But since we have not tested this mouse personally yet, we can’t verify the claim.

In addition, Corsair promises a stable connection even in heavily trafficked areas (2.4GHz is a popular frequency for wireless devices), by way of Intelligent Frequency Shift (IFS) technology. What this does is scan the wireless spectrum at a fast 0.5ms rate to find the most stable frequency. It also has a wireless range of up to 33 feet.
Corsair claims up to 50 hours of battery life. When it gets low, users can connect a USB cable and keep playing while it charges. And as a matter of fact, if this mouse delivers a continuous gameplay for half of the time it is claimed to deliver, it is still a bang for buck to be honest. And with “charging while using” feature, you can achieve an uninterrupted game time as long as you want.

The Ironclaw RGB Wireless is available now for $79.99 direct from Corsair but we are sure to see this on Amazon and other e-commerce websites soon.

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