This month has been both good and bad for Counter-Strike: , good concerning popularity but bad because of the bugs and reviews. A new bug has surfaced which gives a player the whereabouts of an enemy.

What is the bug:

The bug informs you if an enemy is close to you or not. It doesn’t exactly give you the location of an opponent, but it is still a significant advantage.

How to try the bug:

At the start of a round, Alt-Tab out of the game before the round starts and then press Tab to see if you see the opponents in the scoreboard. If you don’t see the names of your opponents on the scoreboard, then you have successfully exploited the bug. Next up, go somewhere around the map and then press Tab if you see a name or multiple names popping up on the scoreboard then it means that there is someone close.

This is a game breaking bug, and Valve should definitely look into this and fix this as soon as possible. This exploit will ruin a lot of players’ experience and will make new players turn their backs to the game.

You can check out the bug in the video below.


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