Dust 2 also known as de_dust2 in Counter-Strike 1.6, is probably the most iconic CS Map. It is packed with incredible slopes, ridges, and cover. The map is most used in Competitive CS and does not seem to lose its popularity.

The latest news shared by Team Evolve, who are content creators for Fortnite wrote that Dust 2 is coming to Fortnite. The team made a Dust 2 replica on Fortnite Creative mode, which is 100% spot on. Team Evolve is quite talented, they have worked with Samsung, Nickolodeon, and International Agencies like Red Cross too.

Dust 2 is not officially coming to Fortnite, but you can find it in through Battle Lab. If you don’t know what Battle Lab is, well it was introduced in December to expand custom maps, which can be made by anyone. The map can be accessed through code, which Team Evolve will release it in the coming days.

The map works quite great in CS:GO because the game is very realistic. On the other hand, Fortnite features futuristic gameplay, and it’ll be very hard to get the same level of enjoyment as the ones you get in CS:GO. Despite these differences, I think it is still pretty cool to have the most popular map from a different game into Fortnite.

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