Crysis Remastered recently teased by Crytek was a classified project. However, Microsoft Store which is often involved in leaking numerous upcoming games has done it again.

A Crysis Remastered Listing showed up on Microsoft Store. The page revealed a lot of info about the game. That is to say, it wrote that Crysis Remastered will release on July 23. Likewise, it’ll also feature 4K HDR on Xbox One. Moreover, a trailer was also published on the listing. A popular site, Nintendo Everything was able to download the video and save it before removal. Here is the Crysis Remastered Trailer.

I’ve no idea if this was a troll or intentional by Microsoft because the game visuals look average. Players expected more than just a remaster, and this trailer seems to feature a much-enhanced graphics and nothing else. Anyway, we do not have any confirmation from Crytek themselves, so we will wait. Crytek is known for making absolutely beautiful games. Their CryEngine is known for intensive graphics and hardware requirements. Therefore, I think this trailer might be an older version or unofficial. However, it means something when the listing is on Microsoft’s official store.

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