Aiming is one of the most crucial elements in CS:GO. There are a lot of talented individuals in CS:GO pro scene such as ScreaM, NiKo and s1mple and many more. Today, we are going to give you tips on how to take your precision to the next level.

Crosshair Placement:

Firstly, your aim should always be at the head level as it will save you more time for example if an awper peeks you, you have milliseconds to shoot so if you aim below the head level it will take four shots of AK-47, and that will give the awper enough time to kill you. However, if you aim at the head level, you will drop the awper in a single bullet with an AK.

Now, improving your aim in CS:GO won’t happen mere seconds and it will take a lot of time and dedication. So, find a pro with good aiming skills and study their routine.

Workshop Maps:

Another great way of improving your aim is by downloading the community workshop maps such as:

Aim Botz – Training

Pros mostly prefer Aim Botz, and you will see their routines on this map if you search on YouTube. Aim Botz provides you with many options, and you can customize everything to your liking such as closing out the sides if you want Bots to spawn in a single place. However, if you’re going to aim like ScreaM, you should open all sides because ScreaM shoots one person in the front and then rotates and shoots the other in the back.

Yprac Bot Arena

Yprac Bot Arena is one of my favorites as it has an option that spawns bots at extreme heights which helps to improve your flicks in all directions. It is an underrated map but its a must try if you are trying to improve.


This map is all about reflexes and flicks, and some pros use it like Friberg from team Heroic. The map has tons of options that you can choose from such as burst reflexes, fast reflexes, reaction time and many more. What’s even better is that you can modify the timing of how fast the dots will disappear from the board.

Community Servers: 
There are some servers which can help you build your raw aiming skills in the long run such as:

HS Deathmatch:

HS or headshot deathmatch are community deathmatch servers, but they are modded to only register headshots. ScreaM plays a lot of HS DM to warm up and improves his aim further, and it will also improve your crosshair placement. So, play HS Dm for 30 minutes before a match.

1v1 Servers:

1v1 servers are pretty self-explanatory but its played out in custom maps. If you prefer 1v1s in official maps, then Duels is also an option for you. Nonetheless, this should improve your aim and its fun.

You can check out ScreaM’s warm-up routine in which he does everything we mentioned.

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