Prisma Case - Knives

A huge update just went live, and it contains 17 weapon skins from the community and 6 skins for the Horizon knives. There were also a few gameplay changes.

“Round loss bonuses have been adjusted, the AUG is again $3300, the M4A1-S now holds 25 bullets in the magazine and has 75 in reserve, some shotgun prices have been reduced, flashbang assist UI and loadout shuffle have been added, Canals has received several changes, and more.”

Many pros and fans complained that the AUG should be more expensive than the previous price tag of $3150 and CS:GO developer delivered it is now $3300. Nonetheless, the new weapon skins are very cool and creative except for some garbage mil-spec grade skins.

Prisma Case - Weapons

This has been one of the biggest updates in 2019 and many of the fans would say otherwise as it mostly has been a skin showcase. But, the gameplay changes they made were crucial.

If you want to read the full blog of the new updates, you can do so here.

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