We sat down with Abdul “HSB” Haseeb and talked about his experiences in the Pakistani CS:GO scene and what path he sees the scene heading towards after his departure from it.

PGRepublic : How did you begin your journey in CS:GO?

HSB : I began my journey in csgo as an ordinary 14-year-old kid. I started playing with my friends after switching from cs 1.6 and played my first ever LAN tournament. That was the turning point in my career. Losing was never an option. My personality was so competitive that after losing my first LAN tournament, I couldn’t wait to be on the winning side and so the grind began to become the best player in Pakistan. After about a year I saw my hardwork payoff and I was among the best players in the CS:GO scene in Pakistan.

Having played with such skilled individuals, who would you pick as your top 4 teammates?
I have played with almost every single Pakistani player there is. My top 4 would definitely have “soulm8” and “umair”. These two players are very versatile. Believe me, “soul” and “umair” have very versatile playstyles and we can play any role that is required. This matters the most when we play at a higher level. The other two mates that I would choose if I look at all the factors would be different than my current roster considering that “jawwad” and “faint” will soon retire after the last few events, I would probably pick an awper for the team like “KLnT” or “MUSAB” and a solid player like “traNz” otherwise I am very happy with the current Madwolves/NM Esports lineup. If I don’t consider the other factors, then I would very happily stick with the current Madwolves/Nm lineup.
If you are given the chance to form 2 fantasy lineups from Pakistan to compete internationally, what would they be?
Pakistan doesn’t have a large talent pool to compete internationally right now. If we put in time and effort in the current Madwolves/NM Esports roster then this roster has everything to make it to the international stage but time is a huge factor and that might not be possible for the three of us who are retiring soon.
Whichever team you play for has always dominated the local scene by a margin, what is the reason that the same performance is hard to replicate internationally?
Whichever team I have ever played for has dominated the local scene because of my important role in the team. I was never a selfish player or a player who used to play for highlights. I have a very impactful role in my current team as well. I am not an in-game leader but my influence and impact into the team is more than a leader. Looking at the international performances, we only had 2 chances on international appearances. WESG was a big success for us keeping in mind that we were 1 month away from our computers or even practice because of the visa issues so whatever damage we had done in WESG was more than anyone expected and we showed everyone what we were capable of. Talking about the performance at Zowie eXTREMESLAND, we choked again but this time things were a little bit different. We had immense internal issues in our team which were prominent in our practices and even regional qualifiers. We lost a few maps to the Pakistani teams and lost all of our practice matches coming into the qualifiers.
You will be travelling to the USA for your future studies, why didn’t you play your last events here in Pakistan with Portal Esports?
I had my own reasons for leaving Portal. There are a lot of things going on inside the team that I can not share publicly, but the main reason was the atmosphere of the roster and how stressful it had become for me as a player and I wanted to play in a fresh and new environment.
Do you see yourself trying to further your career in CS:GO in the States if given the opportunity?
Continuing CS is a big question mark even for me because I don’t know what the circumstances will be once I get there. If I get a chance to carry on CS and further my career then I would definitely play CS there.
If there is anyone that can claim the title of being the best player in Pakistan after your departure from the scene, who would it be?
I believe there are two players who are in line for the title of “The Best Pakistani player” after my departure. One of them is “umair” and second is “soulm8”. My judgement is that “soulm8” is on the road of being not just the best player of Pakistan but Asia. He is so good that I can’t even explain in words. His dedication is out of this world and there is nothing that can stop this guy if he is on the right track. His playstyle is incredible. Umair is fantastic in his own manner. But after I’m gone, I won’t be surprised if one of them or maybe both of them become one of the best players in Asia.
PGRepublic would like to thank Abdul “HSB” for sharing his thoughts with us. He has been the best player that the country has produced and we are grateful for his contributions for the CS:GO scene in Pakistan and wish him the very best of luck for the future.
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