Anas “traNz” Ayub has been the best aimer in the CS:GO scene in Pakistan by a long shot. He has aced every leaderboard and has held the #1 spot for the longest time in Pakistan on the FACEIT leaderboard in the country from its inception. He has never been outspoken and has always tried to let his in-game performances do all the talking ever since he made himself known to the community with a killer performance versus Team Invisible Wings in the ESL India Starter Cup Semi-Finals.

PGRepublic : You have been on top of the leaderboards whether it is ESEA or FACEIT, what is the secret behind this success?

traNz : There is no such secret to top the leaderboards. Maybe I’m really consistent with my aim and my in-game plays. It’s just about who has better skills, consistency and potential to top the leaderboards.

You have almost always been in a team with “KriminaL” and “HSB”, how does it feel now that all three of you are in different teams?

You mean the “trio”, its sad for me personally because we were in a team together for almost 3 years and we were really good friends and that friendship used to set the tone for our strong in-game coordination as well. But its good for the Pakistani competitive scene because there are 3 good teams now; Portal Esports, Portal Esports-X and MadWolves. With this increased level of competition, I’m really excited to play against them now.

Having played LAN events in both Karachi and Lahore regularly, how different is the competition in both the cities?

There are many good teams in Karachi, the competition there is really good and the players and teams are mechanically really strong with a really good structure as a team. However, in Lahore, there are not that many teams that have better structure as a team or offer much competition.

If you could pick 5 promising players from the scene that have the potential to make it big, who would they be?

Well, that is a very tough question in my opinion. I don’t see any dedicated entry fraggers in the Pakistan CS community. As second entry fraggers, I really like “HSB” and “PokemoN” and their playstyles and what they do for the team. PokemoN’s aim is extraordinary. Other players still have to prove themselves as per now. I really like “KriminaL” as a support player. As an IGL, we don’t have many (if any) in-game leaders in Pakistan. But the way, KLnT structures his team and fills in the shoes of an AWPer is a great combination.

How well do you see your new lineup coming along in preparation for the IEM Middle East closed qualifiers?

For the IEM Middle East close qualifiers, I think that the team structure has never been as good as it has become now. Our main focus is to play this game as a team. We have put in a lot of hours in practice to strengthen our existing map-pool and to add a couple of new strats to our arsenal. I would like to thank our coach, Mathew ‘mCE’ Elmore, for the time he has put in to prepare us for the minor qualifiers. I, myself, feel that a coach was very much necessary for our team to not only improve as a whole but also individually. I would also like to thank “Abdur” for filling in the shoes of HSB. He is a great learner and proving to be a great asset to this team. In the end, we feel very confident showing up for the close qualifiers.

Being the strongest aimer in Pakistan by a long shot, what advice would you give to upcoming players?

Every player should always have a training or warm-up routine before their matches. I always spend time in FFA Deathmatch servers and offline training maps to strengthen my aim and I would suggest every player to play in Deathmatch servers regularly to improve their shooting technique and consistency.

PGRepublic would like to thank Anas “traNz” Ayub for sharing his thoughts with us. We would like to wish him and his team Portal Esports the very best for the upcoming IEM Closed Qualifiers and the Mountain Dew Gamer’s Arena LAN Finals.

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