CS:GO has many mechanics which can give you an edge over your opponents and movement is one of them. Mastering movement in CS:GO is very important and it will always come in handy. However, it won’t be so easy to master it because movement has many components. Let’s start with the basics.

1. Strafing/Counter-Strafing:

Strafing CSGO

Strafing is what you learn in the early stages of you getting into CS:GO. Strafing is simple; it consists of pressing “A” to move left and “D” to move right, but then Counter-Strafing comes in to play. So, just to give you an idea when you press “D” and you move to the right and then let go of “D”, you will notice that you will still move for a millisecond when you let go of D. In order to prevent that you have to Counter-Strafe to the left by tapping “A” as soon as you let go of “D” and vice versa.

Now, you may ask what the benefit of doing this is? Well, it will reduce the spread of your weapon four times faster for more accurate peeks and it will make you a harder target to hit. You can utilize this for many things such as Shoulder peeking, Jiggle peeking, and even Bhops.

You can check out the video below of Counter-Strafing.

1(a). Sidestep Shooting

Sidestep Shooting is when you combine Strafing (ADAD) with the accuracy to shoot. To explain it further, when you are strafing and counter-strafe by pressing the key opposite to the direction you are strafing, and shoot as soon as you stop. This technique is crucial, and it will take time and practice to perfect this evasive technique.

You can check out the video below to get a better understanding of this technique.

2(a). Shoulder Peeking:

Shoulder Peek CSGO

Shoulder peeking is what you want to do when you are unsure if an enemy is holding an angle. If there is an Awper around the corner and you want to bait out his shot, then you do a shoulder peek to make him shoot, this will give you enough time to pop out of the corner and kill the enemy. Shoulder Peeking is very easy; you just have to do a short strafe around the corner enough for the enemy to see your shoulder and then counter-strafe back to safety. By doing this technique, you won’t be able to spot the enemy by vision, but by sound cue given by their weapon.

2(b). Jiggle Peeking

Jiggle Peeking is another variant of shoulder peeking but the main difference is that you strafe out of the angle a little bit more so that you can get a visual cue and combine it with a prefire to make it more effective. This technique will make you a harder target to hit and overall make you a better player.

3. Wide Peeking

Wide Peeking is what you think it is; you strafe far out of an angle to overwhelm your opponent and get an easy kill. This technique is most effective if it is combined with Jiggle or Shoulder peek. Wide Peeking should be the most uncomplicated technique out of all the Peeks we mentioned.

You can check out what Wide Peeking looks like in action

Moreover, you can take your movement to the next level by practicing on KZ, Surf and Bhop maps in the community browser.

What is KZ?

KZ is a custom game mode which involves obstacles and hard jumps. You can find these servers in the community browser or the workshop map. However, you will find jumps in the community servers much easier than your own server from workshop because of the changed values. Nonetheless, mastering KZ is easier said than done as it will take hours upon hours to learn each jump and technique.

KZ involves many jumps such as Longjumps, Bhop jumps, DropBhop, Advanced Strafing, Ladder jumps and many more.

How will KZ improve my movement?

After getting somewhat good at KZ, you will take those skills to your normal CS:GO competitive matches and begin to feel more versatile and evasive.

If you don’t want to spend time on custom KZ maps you can try the one below.


If you don’t want to play on Custom KZ maps, you can try Kz_Comp, which includes all the complicated jumps from the CS:GO competitive map pool. However, few of the jumps are outdated since the map is five years old. Nonetheless, it’s still a pretty good map and it can improve your movement if you practice enough.


Surf csgo

Surfing is also a custom game mode like KZ, but it’s completely different. In surf, your objective is to slide along the ramp without falling off. Surfing is easier than KZ, but don’t underestimate it because like everything, it requires a lot of practice.

Surfing can improve your movement and overall gameplay. When surfing, you have to keep your eyes on many things: Strafing, velocity, movement, what key your pressing, direction of your mouse, bends and turns in the map, etc. So, that can improve your multitasking in a regular competitive game.



If Kz and Surf are not your cup of tea, you can try Bhop maps instead, which will also improve your movement and you will learn Bhops which will come in handy. Just like Kz and Surf, you can either find Bhop servers in the community browser or download a map from Workshop and play it in your own server.

How to Bhop:

The technique to bhopping is easy, but mastering it can be difficult. First of all, you need to run forward and jump, but as you jump you will let go of “W” and strafe left and right. However, when you are strafing for example, if you are strafing to the left with “A”, you need to move your mouse to left as well and vice versa.

You can check out the video below by zuhn to get a more clear understanding.

So, there you have it and by the way, master the basics first as it is the foundation of all the advanced stuff we mentioned and you will get better at CS:GO in no time.

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