Atta Elayyan AKA crazyarab, a former Counter-Strike: Source professional player was martyred last Friday in Christchurch. Atta Elayyan went by the name “crazyarab“ in Counter-Strike: Source and he was in a team called NewType. Atta Elayyan’s team was undisputed, and they were good, they won a lot of tournaments and even defeated the top Australian teams. 

However, NewType wasn’t his first team as he was in a team before that but the clan fell apart.

He wrote the following regarding Competitive Days in GPFORUMS.

Never really broke into any ‘Invite’ level teams during my time playing 1.3-1.6 however my early adoption of Source paid off. After my beloved .ar clan split up, I took a stab and decided to join the new kids on the block… a bunch of ‘randoms’ who called themselves NewType. Nobody had heard of Grudge, Atvar or Supertech at this stage but these guys were insanely hell bent on winning and we spent 6-7 hours a night, every night playing Australians where we eventually toppled all of their top teams. With most of the top CSNZ players still tied up in 1.6, we were fairly unstoppable winning xLAN after xLAN and nearly every online comp we entered. 

You can check Atta “crazyarab” Elayyan’s highlights in CS: Source below.

That wasn’t it though because he then pursued Computer Science in which he later on graduated. He then worked as a UX designer for FireTrust, an email security software company. Awhile after that Elayyan made an app called Lazyworms App which is basically an app that provides facilities for the Windows phone such as MetroTube and Tweetro+. 

Elayyan didn’t stop there as he, later on, found success in football as a goalkeeper. Atta Elayyan was the goalkeeper for Canterbury United Futsal Dragons and was awarded a futsal player of the year award in 2014. 

Ronan Naicker, who coached Atta Elayyan and the Futsal Dragons said the following about him.

He tried to give back to his old school by coaching teams. Even though he didn’t have the time he still found time and he did it all for nothing. He never asked for anything in return. He was a truly exceptional human being.

Sorrowfully, Elayyan passed away at 33 years of age in Masjid Al-Noor in New Zealand. Elayyan left behind a wife and a two-year-old daughter. May he rest in paradise along with the other victims and our deepest condolences to everyone affected by the terrorist attack.

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