The memorable 2017 bullet-hell shooter Cuphead, which was based on 1930’s cartoon style, will soon be available in Tesla cars. Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that: “Cuphead, we’ve got working.” Cuphead will be available in Tesla models 3, S and X. However, the game will be playable when the car is parked.

Tesla also added some other games to its in-car-displays such as classic Atari titles. Elon Musk says that they are trying to bring the games which are controllable via touchscreen; however, Cuphead will be played only with a wired USB controller.

The only difficulty is that if you want to play another game, then you have to delete this first in order to play the other game. This is because the cars weren’t designed for this purpose, they don’t have enough space to hold games at once or even only one game.

The Tesla version of Cuphead is expected to release in Summer this year.

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