After the immense success of Witcher 3, CD Projekt is set to hit the scene with another wave of epicness with Cyber Punk 2077. The dormant Cyber Punk news feed has again taken up by storm with the second trailer of Cyber Punk released in E3 after 5 years. They displayed an hour-long demo of the game to the participants yet it hasn’t come out publicly. Fans have been itching to get their hands on the game since the teaser trailer released in 2013. Yes, the itch is REAL! Fans have to bear it a little longer as the man behind Cyber Punk 2020 Mike Pondsmith stated “I’ve waited 30 years for this, you guys can wait a few more years” pointing towards the official release of the game somewhere between 2018-2021.

Participants have picked up important points from the demo which was comprehensive and efficiently describing the mechanics of the gameplay. Unlike Witcher 3 it will be mainly FPS alternating with TPS only in some cutscenes. Some fans may complain about that but the demo assures you that FPS is better for experiencing the atmospheric feels of dystopian Night City set in 2077 immersing the player into the game. Contrary to the image of Night City the game has implicated proper alteration between day and night along with dynamic weather changes affecting the actions of NPCs.

Even though it is an RPG the game displays high-quality melee and combat scenes along with shooting using ranged weapons. Crazy combat features, hardcore hacking of the cyber implants and other tech and branching conversations with NPCs fill the game with many possibilities splitting the game into more than one endings. The character can freely drive and walk around the city, go to his apartment use computer, have interactions with NPCs with interesting branched conversation mode, have romantic interests and whatnot. This open world setting imparts a GTA shade to the game. The six different player stats: Strength, Constitution, Cool, Tech, reflex, Intelligence has their origin from CP 2020. Character’s body, dressing, hairstyle, gender is modifiable according to one’s taste.

The two trailers and the publicly unrevealed demo has inflated the expectation balloon even more than before with 400 employees working at the project under the name of CD  Projekt RED. This game will be another behemoth by CD project earning its fame shouldering Witcher 3.