On May 6, 2020 we heard about the Nighty City Wire event, that was scheduled for June 11.

“Night City looks like part of the game’s setting, where we will get to see the action. There are numerous locations disclosed that include Watson and Pacifica. We heard from Lead quest designer Pawel Sasko that most of the area is destroyed and there are droughts. Maybe Night City is a newer district”

Well, Night City Wire is being delayed to June 25. The delay is caused by the current chaos in the U.S. Moreover, Cyberpunk 2077 is also going to support the Black Lives Matter Campaign.

The Twitter account wrote “We decided to move Night City Wire to Jun 25th. We still look forward to sharing new information about CP’77, but more important discussions are happening right now and we want them to be heard. We wholeheartedly stand against racism, intolerance and violence. Black Lives Matter.”

In the same vein, a lot of things are being delayed. We just heard about Call of Duty: Mobile, Warzone, and Modern Warfare respective Season’s being delayed. Similarly, Sony also delayed their PlayStation 5 reveal event that was scheduled for June 4. Most of these events are being postponed because of the unjust killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The protests in the U.S. are getting very chaotic as people are now burning and destroy all places.

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