Cyberpunk 2077 will not allow you to drive the Flying cars easily. There will be a bunch of different vehicles available to explore the city, but the Flying cars won’t be among them. Lead quest designer Pawel Sasko said: “There are flying vehicles that are like the story elements, and so there will be moments when V is in the flying vehicle, but they’re always story-focused.”

If you want to get around the city, then you have to find cars and motorbikes on the road, but you can’t explore the city on a Flying Car. The flying cars will only be available in story mode, and they can only be used only in Story-focused missions. There will be boats too; however, we won’t be able to use them also as they will only be used in Story-focused missions. Sasko also said in an interview during E3: “You can swim, but I would like not to disclose anything, We had some quests in The Witcher that were focused around water and doing stuff around the water, and we have something here as well.”

Nonetheless, we will update you as soon as more news comes out of Cyberpunk 2077.

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