Pheonix Labs are expecting to triple their player base after the game launches on the Epic Games Store. The monster hunting title has amassed a total of 3 million players so far which Pheonix Labs expects to bring up to a total of 9 million players after the games release on the Epic Games Store.

Only recently has the Steam vs Epic Games Store debate become more relevant with games like Dauntless announcing an Epic Games Store exclusivity and deciding to not to release their game on Steam at all as compared to the timed exclusive by Metro Exodus.

“Epic’s been an amazing partner for us for a long time. Their vision for keeping players connected really aligned with what we want to do. Obviously, the revenue split is very public-facing. But I don’t think [players] see a lot of how Epic’s working very closely with developers. Our game’s not out yet, but we’ve gotten so much promotion across the store already, so much visibility, that you wouldn’t get on another platform. They’ve been super great to us. Right now we have about three million players. I imagine that we’ll easily triple that pretty early on.” said Andy Burt, PR manager at Pheonix Labs.

The game is still in the works and we can be expecting to see full cross-platform support for the game where players on the consoles can play with the players on PC after the game has been released onto the Epic Games Store.

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