Steam has always been the leading store front for PC gaming and it is only quite recently that it has been facing some competition from the Epic Games Store. What is interesting is that not only is there another storefront that is entering the market, but it is convincing developers into selling their games at the Epic Games Store and not at Steam altogether. After Metro Exodus, Dauntless is another title that is going to be opting to sell at the Epic Games Store rather than at Steam.

Developers, Pheonix Labs, have made an announcement on their official website that they will be opting to sell at the Epic Games Store. This is not the first time that developers have opted for the Epic Games Store for their 88/12 revenue split.

Many gamers have been unhappy with the decision of Metro Exodus being pulled from Steam and have reacted by review-bombing previous titles from the Metro franchise. Epic Games Store had a lot of work to do to convince gamers to switch from Steam to their own storefront as their daily driver for PC gaming, however, they found it easier to offer a greater split to developers to rather sell their games on their storefront instead of Steam altogether. Many gamers are unhappy with the developers that have made the decision to switch over to the Epic Games Store stating that it is apparent that these developers care more about their share of revenue rather than the consumer’s satisfaction.

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