The year 2020 has been the saddest of all years. We are facing the COVID-19 pandemic, along that we also lost some incredible heroes in the game industries. A few days ago we heard about John Conway, who made the Game Of Life passing away due to COVID-19. John caught the virus in a rehabilitation center, where he was recovering from a stroke.

Similarly, Team Fortress 2 Soldiers’ Voice Actor Rick May also died from COVID-19. And Lastly, Gearbox Co-Founder and Gaming Icon Landon Montgomery also passed away.

Paul Haddad, the voice actor Behind Leon in first Resident Evil game also passed away yesterday.

Days Gone

Today, another hero Filipe Duarte has also left us. Filipe was the voice actor behind Days Gone protagonist Deacon St. John. His cause of death is believed to be a Heart attack at the age of 46. In a post on Twitter, the game leading designer confirmed his death.

“Incredibly sad to hear of the passing of Portuguese actor Filipe Duarte, He was the voice of Deacon for us and so many Days Gone players in Portugal. Sending love to his family during this hard time.”

Apart from the famous Days Gone, Duarte also played some key roles in many movies. Born in Nova Lisbon, Portugal, Duarte acting career started from 1997, when he first appeared in 13 Buraco. Fast forward to rest of his carer, his most famous works include A Outra Margem, The Invisible Life, Cinzento e Negro, and Variacoes: Guardian Angel.

2020 turns out to be a very bad year for all the world, hopefully it gets better and repays us with happiness. May Duarte rest in peace

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