One of the oldest Battle Royale game is getting a new DLC. That’s right, I am talking about DayZ, the mod for Arma, which was in Beta for more many years. The game had incredible idea of Battle Royale however it failed on numerous occasions, and many people left. Furthermore, the game was even ruined when the majority of players who stuck with the idea of Battle Royale moved to PUBG. Afterward, PUBG made improvements and went off beta, unlike DayZ which was too lazy to get the work done.

Today we have news that DayZ is getting its first DLC after so many years. The DLC will only cost $14, and it is available on Steam. Furthermore, it’ll feature a new map of Livonia, which is quite big. The landscape is described as 163 Km2, and it will have a maximum of 60 players in each server. The players will be tasked to survive in this new unfamiliar land. Livonia’s key features include varied landscapes, which will provide players to take shelter, build a base, and hide from infected and other survivors.

Idyllic environment. This Eastern European terrain covers the southern Topolin-Nadbór region of the larger Polish-speaking country of Livonia. The new topography brings lush green landscapes, dense forests, overgrown fields, winding rivers, serene lakes, murky swamps, an array of dilapidated structures, and various remnants of an abandoned society.

Livonia will also force players to learn how to Forage, Fish and hunt in this map. The food supply is scarce, and starvation will be another challenge for players. Moreover, the biggest challenge players will face is that they will come face to face with Eurasian Brown Bear, thus be careful. Lastly, the weather is Erratic, everything is bright since it is sunny every day. Players will get the opportunity to have a clear sight of everything. In my opinion, the DLC looks very great and reviews are mesmerizing.

Get the new DLC Here.