DDR4 memory upgrade from DDR3 was very huge. It set new standards in PC Gaming, and performance upgrade was significant. People look forward to DDR5, since its been a while now DDR4 rams were first released. Well, SK Hynix has been working on DDR5 memory and they look forward to finalise it this year.

SK Hynix wrote about their DDR5 Memory project in a blog. The company outlined that they look forward to achieve more than 4,800Mbps speed. This means that we are looking at 1400Mbps increase from DDR4 memory.

“The number of CPU cores has dramatically increased to deliver higher throughput, from only 4 cores to even 64 cores for servers, and it is expected to increase continuously. As the number of cores increases, the demands on memory bandwidth are also increasing. To this end, we are preparing DDR5 that supports more than twice the DDR4’s 3200Mbps,” SK Hynix explains.


Currently, Faster than 3600Mbps Rams are quite expensive, and DDR5 Memory will certainly make faster rams affordable. Furthermore, SK Hynix also listed potential specs of their upcoming project, that included 64Gb ram stick as well. The company also touched the subject of Same Bank Refresh which apparently is an advanced feature part of DDR5 Memory

“DDR4 cannot perform other operations while refreshing, so it cannot be accessed from the system during refresh timing. However, DDR5 adopted Same Bank Refresh function, allowing the system to access other banks when certain banks are operating, thus improving memory access availability,” SK Hynix explains.

Well DDR5 Ram could certainly advance PC Gaming to another level. The prices on DDR5 Memory are yet to be touched. I expect it to be 30% more expensive than DDR4 rams. Lastly, AMD & Intel are yet to make DDR5 Platforms, because without their support, it seems impossible.

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