Deadliest Catch: The Game is an upcoming fishing simulator developed by Moonlit, and the game is based on Deadliest Catch (the discovery channel series).

In Deadliest Catch: The game, you will be up against vicious sea creatures to capture more crabs than you ever thought possible. The task is not so easy because it is a race against time. As a captain of your vessel, you will have to decide your route and what equipment to bring abroad. Once you sail and take control of your fishing ship, the adventure truly begins. The in-game world brings highly realistic and detailed boats. Besides, advanced weather changes and affect the dynamic water physics to give a full experience of hunting for King Crab.

The Kickstarter campaign is launching on July 7th, 2019, to bring a more realistic feel to the game. The game is set to release on September 2019, until then we will keep you guys updated with any other news related to it.

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