The Coronavirus pandemic has forced most of the events, tournaments, and announcements to be either cancelled or delayed. We heard about E3 being cancelled for the first time in 25 years. Similarly, BlizzCon along Overwatch matches were also cancelled. CS:GO Major which is a very anticipated tournament for the fans was also cancelled.

Death Stranding is also delayed to 14 July from June. The delay is basically happening because of Coronavirus. Kojima Production says that their staff is working from home, but they still need more time. Death Stranding needs more time to be developed.

Well, other popular games like Cyberpunk 2077 announced delay before COVID-19 pandemic. However, now CD Projekt Red seems very confident about its delayed release date. In a recent interview, the company’s spokesperson said that Cyberpunk 2077 won’t be delayed anymore. The game staff is working from home and everything is progressing according to plans.

“Since mid-March we have been working from home, while ensuring continuity of all our of operations,” Kicinski said.

“Our goals haven’t changed; first and foremost, we intend to release Cyberpunk 2077 in September. We feel motivated and have the necessary tools at our disposal to meet this goal”.

Well, Kojima Productions can take their time, because we saw Red Dead Redemption 2 rushed release on PC and it did not go well for Rockstar. I’d rather wait one more month than playing a badly optimized game. Hopefully, there are no more delays and the COVID-19 situation improves. We will update you if more of the Death Stranding material was shared.

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