The Insanely Epic game from Kojima Productions, Death Stranding seems to have much better visuals on PC. In an interview with gaming icon Geoff Keighley during Summer Game Feast. Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa were asked about the difference between Death Stranding on PC and PS4.

Shinkawa shared his remarks, appreciating the PC Meta. According to Him, Death Stranding on PC feels like “watching a movie at the cinema”. In contrast, the PS4 version looks like a “TV Drama”. This is, to be honest, nothing new for PC Master Race. We all know that PC hardware is capable of running games at extremely better graphics with much higher frames. Not only that, but the game experience is also generally different and I think Shinkawa has explained it pretty nicely.

Death Stranding is going to support 21:9 Ultrawide with tons of graphical enhancements. Along with that, Nvidia has already told everyone that RTX 20 Series will easily run Death Stranding at 60 FPS. Unlike PS4, where it runs on 30 FPS.

Death Stranding’s PC version will include, high frame rate, photo mode, support for ultra-wide monitors, and content from Half-Life Games. Furthermore, PC players will also get more variety of soundtracks. Some of them are in the form of digital artbooks and in-game cosmetics, that will be unlocked as players progress throughout the game.

The game has won huge fanbase over the internet. Death Stranding was also included in various nominations at The Game Awards and Dice. You pre-purchase it on Steam for $60 and get a lot of free items.

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