The genius man behind Metal gear solid series Hideo Kojima is determined to take his next step on his road of success after disbanding from Konami and starting off fresh as Kojima Productions as the developer of this game released on PlayStation and SIE as publisher. As the man is notorious for his creativity and extremely detailed games, the four trailers released so far has left a plethora of mysterious and bizarre points to be pondered upon by the viewers. All these unexplained points steer the fanbase towards a quest of researching and uncovering the hidden meaning in these trailers, thus the proclamation by him “The game has already begun”. Indeed! Our battle with Kojima has already started to see who outsmarts who at this first stage. He does not only consider the fun and enjoyment as an integral part of the game but also puts his effort in making his works more than just fun games by directing the player to constantly search for hidden signs along minor and intricate details in every corner of the game.  Our trailer analysis won’t start if you haven’t yet watched the four mindblowing trailers. 

Now, let’s break the four trailers down and shed some light on the possible meaning and the expected gameplay along with the probable objective of the main protagonist Sam. Even though the game is announced as an action game, the expectations are, it will more likely be closer to a stealth category like the Metal Gear Solid as the player was displayed walking past the enemies in a smoke like mist inside the upside-down open post-death world where character persists. Despite the 4 trailers not much has been revealed regarding the precise gameplay mechanics. It appears, Kojima focused more on leaving hints for the game rather than revealing everything at the first go, this will leave us hungry fans brainstorming to unveil the real nature of the game.

He has left both scientific and spiritual messages in the trailers. First and foremost of these is the emphasis on the connection between death and life. This connection is portrayed through umbilical cords attached to the carcasses of crabs, fishes and the baby attached to humans. As the title suggests the hero Sam dies, yet he hasn’t transported to heaven or hell, instead, he is in a bizarre world with things and being all metaphorically and unanimously pointing towards death.

Dead animals, moving skeletons, black oil connoting antimatter, resourceless ground in mostly in the form of sand, dark supernatural being most likely portrayed as death gods searching for the humans in the world to pull them into eternal abyss/nothingness and the antagonist Mads who uses the same strings as the dark beings to control skeletons to hunt down humans that have been probably escaped absolute death. It is as if the protagonist is sucked into the world of the dead. The handprints instead of footprints can be something metaphorical as the world is “upside-down”, so it might be the reason for handprints instead of footprints.  If you look closely you’ll notice the “Bridges” sign on the coat of old guy shown in the second trailer and same sign on the door of the car in deep waters in the 3rd trailer. This also points towards a possible animosity between the antagonist and this organization “Bridges” and its members, hence explaining their entrapment into this upside world and the death gods hunting them down. In the 4th trailer, Sam is seen supplying different things to far off places symbolical of “Bridging” thus it is possible that he is from “Bridges” hence he is sent to this world as well.

The babies connected to the humans probably are serving as detectors who can sense the death god’s presence or vice versa eventually playing a role in evading “death”. This is symbolic of life as baby connected to mother itself is a magnificent spectacle of new life which is exactly opposite to death. Yes, my fellow men of culture, the concept will eventually boil down to a conflict between life and death. The mention of big bang theory signifies the importance of yet another bang/explosion told by the narrator in the 3rd trailer, “the explosion that will end life”, apparently Sam’s ultimate objective is to prevent this bang that could possibly end the world, paradoxical to the first explosion which gave origin to life. The apparent role of Sam in this is saving these entrapped people in this world from the claws of death entities and phenomenon and along with his personal story intermingling in the plot.

This is a mere speculation based on thorough research and brainstorming from the trailers and Kojima’s statements on games and I haven’t still covered all the details and hints but this is my basic overview on the game. And amongst all the diverse theories pitched in by the fanbase we will see who has penetrated the most. So run your brain to the fullest and come up with your own theory and see who has hit the spot! That’s all for today, see you next time with another interesting article!