A veteran overclocker from Germany known as Roman "Der8auer" Hartung is onto something special with the Intel's latest 8th generation i7 processors.


Der8auer i7 8700K Silver IHS Utra Edition:


Der8auer is a name that comes across to those interested in overclocking scene many times. And just recently, he managed to overclock the just-released i7 8700k to a whopping 7300MHz on LN2. Der8auer also works full time as a product engineer for the German distributor known as Caseking.de and at the moment both are busy preparing something very cool. Just a few hours ago in a facebook post, Der8auer teased the very first batch of i7 8700Ks with a custom made 99.9% silver IHS for their customers.

If you're wondering, why the silver IHS over the stock IHS installed by the giant known as Intel. Well, the stock IHS is made up of copper alloy whereas the one we are talking about is made out of 99.9% silver. Silver in terms of heat conductivity performs better than copper. If we're talking about the numbers here, then Copper has a heat conductivity of 400w/ (m x K) whereas Silver has a heat conductivity of 430w / (m x K ).

These custom-made silver IHS i7 8700Ks are dubbed as Caseking's 8700k Ultra Edition. These Ultra Edition CPUs are all pretested to have work stably on highers clock speed, have their thermal grease replaced by Liquid Metal from Thermal Grizzly and have laser engraving on the IHS. And of course, they perform better than the stock i7 8700Ks in thermal performance.

And it appears that after the teasers, the first batch is already available on the website now. According to current listing on Caseking.de, you can grab yourself one of these Ultra Edition 8700Ks ranging from pre-tested 5GHz to 5.2GHz. The one with the pre-tested speed of 5.0GHz costs about 689.90 Euro while the 5.2GHz costs about 869.90 Euro and comes with 24 month  warranty.

Caseking.de not only offers the Ultra Edition but also pre-binned CPUs in Advanced and Pro edition, however, the Ultra Edition is the only one that has the custom-made silver IHS.

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