The developers of the Destiny gaming series has decided to expand the upgrade features for legendary weapons of Destiny 2: Warmind. Bungie introduced in January, with a system to improve exotic weapons as well, the studio announced this week.

Similar to the legendary weapons and armor over the past few months, each and every exotic weapon in Destiny 2 is going to get its own Masterwork version through a catalyst. However, these new upgrades will do more than just track kills and spawn orbs.

Although Bungie didn’t go into many details, we know that Masterworks is going to offer bonus stats and potential perks for your exotics. For example, Vigilance Wing will be getting the Full Auto perk once you complete its Masterwork path, allowing players to hold down the trigger for burst after burst, according to a video from PlayStation Access.

One more example for the Crimson, the hand cannon redesign of the Destiny gun Red Death. The Masterwork upgrade for this weapon is apparently a massive range increase, taking the gun from 60 range to the max of 100.

Individually each weapon’s Masterwork catalyst will be unique and secret. The example that Bungie gave was Coldheart. The hint for the trace rifle’s catalyst is that it is “found in strikes against the most challenging opponents.” In all likelihood, this is talking about a Nightfall strike. Catalyst only drops from a specific strike remains to be a doubt still.

Once you’ve gotten a catalyst to drop, or completed the required activity — depending on how that catalyst is obtained — you can apply it to the exotic to get a more direct objective for the upgrade. Now, the weapon will function like any legendary Masterwork, counting kills and granting orbs of light on multi-kills. These upgrade quests are far more direct, such as killing a certain amount of enemies with your exotic.

Bungie also mentioned that all kinds of exotic weapons will have catalysts available right away. Players will need to check each exotic weapon they have by inspecting it. If a catalyst slot is there, the exotic Masterwork upgrade is available.

Exotic Masterwork weapons will launch alongside Destiny 2: Warmind and Destiny 2season three on May 8.