Detailed Guide to Fix Apex Legends Crashing on PS4, PC, and Xbox One

Apex Legends

Apex Legends has a playerbase of more than 70 million. In spite of that, players consistently grumble that apex legends keep crashings. Some are tired of finding solutions, and you will often hear that there is no solution to apex legends crashing. Well, today I’ve decided to make a comprehensive guide that will solve all queries related to Apex Legends crashing. This guide can work for crashings on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. First off, we will start with numerous solutions for Apex Legends crashing on PC.

Option #1 – Fix Apex Legends Crashes through Launch Options

The first thing you want to do turn off Enable Origins in Game for Apex Legends. This will significantly reduce crashes. Here is how you can turn it off

  • Open Origin on PC
  • Go to My Game Library
  • Right Click Apex Legends and Click Game Properties
  • Under the General tab, turn off “Enable Origin In Game For Apex Legends”

Further, You also want to set your FPS mark in the launch options. Most of the players use +fps_max 75. However, I’d recommend entering the value of your refresh rate. This would allow FPS to stabilize, hence avoid crashes. In order to add launch options follow these steps

Apex Legends Crashing

  • Open Origin
  • Goto My Game Library
  • Right Click Apex Legends and CLick Game Properties
  • Go to advance Launch Options tab, and enter +fps_max 75 -GameTime.MaxVariableFps 75

You should find out your refresh rate and enter fps value according to that. Here is how you can find your refresh rate.

Apex Legends Crashing
  • Right Click Desktop
  • Click Display Settings
  • Scroll down to bottom and click Advanced Display Settings.
  • There you will find your Refresh Rate (Hz)

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Option #2 – Close Irrelevant Things

Yes, close all sorts of Applications, that are interfering with your Hardware. These programs could be like MSI Afterburner, VoiceMeeter Banana, and irrelevant Launchers. Moreover, also make sure that all sound options you are not using are turned off. If they are on, Apex will have problems detecting the right sound hardware, Hence it keeps crashing on PC. In order to fix these crashes, follow these steps.

  • Right Click Sound Icon on Bottom Right of Desktop
  • Click Sounds and go to Playback
  • Afterward, Remove all the irrelevant Sound Hardware.
  • Do the same thing in Playback Section
  • Enable only one in each category

Option #3 – Change Graphics and CPU Performance Settings

Most of the Apex Legends crashes on PC occur because of wrong Graphics & CPU Usage. We will fix that with these two profoundly viable solutions. The solution #1 will allow your GPU to be fully utilized by Apex Legends. This can break the threshold barrier that is often set by Nvidia/AMD/Intel Graphics Control Panels. Follow these steps

Under the Search in Windows 10, type Graphics Settings

Apex Legends Crashing

  • Click Graphics Settings and then Browse
  • Go to Partition C > Program Files (x86) > Origin Games Folder > Apex > Click R5apex.exe
  • After it adds Apex Legends, click Options
  • Change Graphics Performance Preference from System Default to High Performance

This Fix is very effective for all those who complain Apex Legends keep crashing on PC. I’ll highly recommend you take to follow these steps and change your Graphics Performance Preference.

Once we have fixed the GPU Usage issue. Its time to fix the CPU Usage and Optimise it for Apex Legends. In order to that, follow these steps.

Apex Legends Crashing

  • Go to My Computer and Partition C
  • Afterwards, click Program Files (x86) and proceed to Origin Games Folder
  • Under Origin Games Folder go to Apex and locate R5apex.exe
  • Right click R5apex.exe and go to Compatibility Tab and follow the instructions from picture

Option #4 – Lower EasyAntiCheat Usage

Sometimes, players complain that Apex Legends keeps crashing without error. It happens due to Anti-Cheat, which often puts too much burden on the CPU. Let’s figure out how to Lower the Usage of EasyAnticheat Service

Apex Legends Crashing

  • Open Apex Legends
  • Minimize the game by clicking Windows Button Keyword or Ctrl + Shift + Escape
  • Press ALT + CTRL + Delete Button on Keyword and Choose Task Manager
  • You can also open Task Manager by right clicking on Taskbar
  • After that Search Easy Anti Cheat Service in Processes
  • Right Click Easy Anti Cheat, and Go to Details
  • Once again find Easy Anti Cheat > Right Click > Set Priority > Below Normal or Low

I’d highly recommend trying this Fix, if your Apex Legends is crashing without displaying any errors.

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Option #5 Reinstall or Repair Apex Legends

A lot of players do not consider re-installing or repairing game. Most of the time, when new updates roll out. Old files are instantly replaced, and when there is a disturbance in this project. Some files are corrupted, causing Apex Legends to Crash. I’ll highly recommend everyone to reinstall or repair the game. You can repair the files by the following method

  • Open Origins
  • Go to my Games Library
  • Right Click Apex Legednds
  • Click Repair

Fixing Apex Legends No Error Crash

Almost every day, there is a post on Apex Legends subreddit or EA forums about Apex Legends Crashing with no error. I’ve researched a lot about this issue and came across a solution that has proved to work consistently. Here are the steps to avoid Apex Legends Crashing with no error.

  • The first thing you have to do is Uninstall Origin Completely
  • Click Start and Go to Control Panel
  • Uninstall a program, and look for Origin
  • Click Origin and Uninstall it completely

To Ensure Origins is completely wiped out of our system, and no old files remain. Follow these steps

Apex Legends Crashing

  • Click Start and Search %appdata%
  • Browse the Soldier and Look for Origin
  • If you were able to find it, delete it
  • Empty Recycle Bin

Now you have to fresh install the latest version of Origin. You will have to proceed to the official website, and download it. Download the latest version of Origin from here

After you download the latest version of Origin. Do not play Apex Legends yet. We wil configure Origin’s Anti Cheat first. In order to do that follow these steps

Apex Legends Crashing

  • Open Origin and Minimise it
  • Right Click taskbar and open Task Manager
  • Go to the last tab, which will be named Service
  • Under Service Tab click Open Services at the bottom of the page
  • After you land on the newer page, look for “EastAntiCheat”
  • Right Click “EasyAntiCheat” and go to Properties
Apex Legends Crashing

Under Properties Box, go to Recovery and change all three types of Failures to Restart the Service

Apex Legends Crashing

Now that I’ve covered various options that can help your Apex Legends Crashing Problem. We will now focus on Apex Legend Crashing on Xbox One and PS4. There are fewer complaints about Apex Legends crashing on these two platforms. Further, unlike PC, Console’s have limited resources to work with. In any case, I’ve gathered noteworthy arrangements that will help fix your Apex Legends Crashing issue on PS4 and Xbox One.

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Solution for Apex Legends Crashing on Xbox One

  • Restarting Console and Game Numerous Times
  • Fresh Install Apex Legends
  • Clear and Refresh Cache on Console
  • Perform Powercycling.
  • Delete Local save
  • Try a different Xbox Account
  • Check Your Network and Packet Losses
  • Try Xbox official guide for troubleshooting
  • Re-Install the game on Xbox Instead of Hard Drive (Remove Hard Drive and Fresh Install Apex Legends)
  • Reset Your Console
  • Reset Mac Adress
  • Try without plugging in Headsets
  • Follow Apex Legends XBox Guidelines

Solution for Apex Legends Crashing on PS4

  • For error ce-34878-0, go to Settings > Audio > Turn off the incoming voice to chat text
  • Turn off Boost Mode if PS4 Pro
  • Turn off Supersampling mode
  • Get into Safe Mode(Power Off PS4, Hold the power button until you hear two quick beeps) and Rebuild Database.
  • Plug Internet Cable Directly
  • Install Latest PS4 System Software
  • Restart PS4
  • Restart Wifi Router
  • Close Application and turn Back on
  • Clear your hard drive or SSD, if it is on Low Space
  • Power Off PS4, Hold the power button until you hear two quick beeps.
  • After Apex Crashes, exit the game and Delete it. Afterward, Delete Apex Legends Saved Game Data and Restore Licences. Upon Boot Re-build Database and Restart. Wait 6 hours, and allow the system to shut down and time out to power save mode on its own. Once done, Download Apex Legends, and play it without crashes.