Motorola is all set to bring in its foldable phone after Samsung and Huawei. The future plans of the company were revealed in a media interview where it suggested the scheduling of launch of its foldable phone later this year by stating that it will unveil it “[no] later than everybody else in the market.” Detailing the design of a foldable smartphone, emerged a Motorola patent filed with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and days after it came the new development. The foldable model of the company is likely to be launched under the brand which is iconic in itself and was once associated with clamshell phones- ‘Razr’. In an interview with Engadget, the plans of the launching of the foldable smartphone were confirmed by Dan Dery, the Motorola VP of Global product. As quoted by ‘Engadget’, Derry stated:

“We started to work on foldables a long time ago,” he further added, “And we have been doing a lot of iteration.”

Dary, while giving away hints of its timely launching said that the company had “no intention of coming later than everybody else in the market,” though Motorola’s foldable phone’s design is uncertain. But the statement made by Dary assures us that its model could be launched around the launch of Huawei Mate X which is to be brought out in mid of this year and Samsung Galaxy Fold which is planned for April. Similar to the launch of the 5G-ready Moto Z3 debuting with 5G Moto Mod which took place the previous year, a launch event is expected to be hosted by Motorola around August.

Designs of the foldable phone in the patent application of Motorola
Credit: WIPO

Testing of the plastic OLED device with the plastic film being on top has been specified by Dery though the specifications of the absolute foldable smartphone haven’t been revealed by him. It appears that the primary concern of the company is to launch a phone which would be highly resistant to scratches. Hence, in terms of adoption of design for the foldable phone, Motorola may take a different approach than Huawei and Samsung which have outside panels. In order to make the scratch resistance possible, Derry says that Motorola’s “intention would not be to put the display outside.” After analyzing the recent patent application of the company, it can be established that the design of the foldable phone will imitate the design of previous Razr models. Device with a single flexible display with dual-hinge which will have the capability of folding twice, whereas in the phone mode a third of the display would be available, has been confirmed by Dery.

There is a significant difference in the design approach of Motorola and the other companies that have unveiled their foldable phones. Where Huawei and Samsung are inclined towards offering a tablet-like experience but Motorola seems to bring a foldable smartphone which could easily fit into small pockets. A peak at what could be the possible actual foldable phone to be debuted as Motorola Razr 2019, has been given by some renders and leaks. 

The aspect ratio of 19:8 of Motorola’s foldable phone is speculated. And giving a nostalgic feel to Razr fans, at the front panel, there will be a secondary display panel.

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