Discord, the hub of gaming hangout and communication is now moving away from its primary niche. The blog post which made the announcement wrote that the feedback they received, have implied not everyone is interested in gaming.

“Many of you told us that the biggest misconception you hear about Discord is that it’s “only for gaming,” but you feel Discord’s for “literally everyone” and “for anyone who likes to talk.” the bog reads

Discord’s new focus is making a paradigm shift towards “day-to-day communication”. The social platform also wrote that since 2015, discord has grown to have 100 million monthly active users. Further, more than 4 billion minutes are being spent every day. And, more than 6.7 million active servers are running. In short, 26 billion server conversation minutes across 13.5 million active series.

So How Will Discord Change its Meta?

Will they, have been working on a new streamlined and user onboarding experience. On the other hand, more server templates will be coming. Likewise, they are also removing some of its specific gaming aspects and make sure that the social platform represents a general audience. Lastly, a newer website is also in development.

“This is just the beginning of Discord’s journey to be a place for all of your communities to talk and build relationships,” Citron said.

“Many of you have already signed up for [enhanced subscription service Discord] Nitro, which has taken off over the last couple of years, and our recent $100 million in additional funding will help accelerate our investment in the community, new features, and the company.”

It’ll be very interesting how they can make that shift from a complete gaming representation to something general. I always felt that TeamSpeak was more of a for every one thing, while discord sole intention was to let gamers hang out and have fun.

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