Gaming Phone is that a new term we are referring to ? The available top of the smartphone aren’t what Gaming on a smartphone requires ? I can say pretty surely that a flagship can’t be termed or referred to as a gaming phone. Gaming phone shouldn’t miss on a single aspect of Gaming & there are very few phones out there who can stand on this claim.

Some leading gaming smartphones in the market

Mobile Gaming Industry:

Gone are the days when gaming was limited or can be said was Graphics limited to only high-end desktops running expensive Graphics card, Processors, GB’s of RAM & what not. Gaming today has changed entirely & with a Billion Dollars of valuation already Gaming in a smartphone cannot be kept at bay. Games like PUBG, Fortnite, Asphalt, Injustice 2, Mortal Combat etc. are few very great example of what Gaming on a smartphone can achieve. Hence the gaming experience on mobile has evolved many fold and we see many rising mobile gamers and streamers these days. So definitely, there should be something that can coup up with the demands of a mobile gamer.

How do Gaming phones differ from Normal Smartphones?

Smartphones cannot just be said as a gaming phone until they bring something different to the table. Just a look at the ROG phone & you can say that boy that some tough smartphone sitting there. High refresh rate, Quality Display, Overclocked SOC, Gaming Accessories, Ecosystem of Games, Community these are few good examples of how different Gaming phones can be.

A proper gaming smartphone would have top performance, plus dedicated gaming controls. Perhaps, it could even be tweaked to produce better performance during game-play than flagship smartphones do.

Top Gaming phones till now:

As the mobile gaming industry has evolved, many brands have turned their focus towards making a dedicated gaming phone. Razer and Asus from Computer hardware industry have made their phones as well, which is a huge step from them in mobile gaming industry.

Some top gaming smartphones are as follows;

  1. Razer Phone
  2. Razer Phone 2
  3. Asus ROG Phone
  4. Xiomi Black Shark
  5. Honor Play
  6. Nubia Red Magic

Gaming Phones compared to Flagships

Starting off with the most debatable Question, don’t we need Flagships then ? The answer is we need phones in every category as they are different to each other & bring innovation, the cost to experience ratio & also have something way more different than other apart from Specs. Gaming phones & Gaming Industry has set a challenge that we will require something unique now so that there is a different focus on Phones & Gaming altogether. Flagships try to focus & try to provide everything at a Price where users don’t think about what less he is getting. Gaming phone is focused right now on a niche market but entirely it can cover millions of Gamers.

If you think about it, “mobile” games have always been a part of us. The only difference is that instead of a smartphone we had the Gameboy, Sony PSP, or Nintendo DS.

Thanks to Android and iOS developers, we no longer have to insert the game we want to play into a cartridge. All we have to do is touch the icon of the game we’re interested in at the time and voila! Instant gameplay.

There’s always been a disconnection between PC, console, and mobile gamers, however. Touch screens lack the physical feedback gamers need from a controller (or keyboard) with physical buttons, which makes delicate movements turn clumsy and frustrating. That said, there are some mobile game developers that have managed to surpass this challenge and have created highly-addictive games.

A More Immersive Gaming Experience

Razer Phone Game Booster

Beyond the hardware itself, a quality phone designed for gamers will be supported with software tweaks that are designed to remove distractions and some of the quirks in the Android operating system. Samsung has led this charge by including Game Tools and Game Launcher on the Galaxy S7 and all subsequent flagship releases, which not only let you block incoming notifications when a game is running but also provide quick access to take a screenshot or start capturing video of your gameplay.

Razer has its own gaming settings, called Game Booster, that let you customize on an app-by-app basis whether your phone prioritizes game performance or extends battery life. This has proven to be a really awesome feature that I would love to see built into the core Android OS.

The inclusion of these tools go a long way to mitigate some of the frustrations that come along with mobile gaming. Not having to worry about notifications or battery life lets you keep your focus on the game itself.

Do we Need a gaming phone?

Think back to the year 2000. If you had a mobile phone, you probably played “Snake” daily. The objective was somewhat simple. You were to maneuver the snake around the screen to “eat” the mouse, while avoiding hitting the walls (or the snake itself).

The first mobile game that really made a dent in the mobile gaming foundation was “Angry Birds” (which came out in 2009). Not to mention, the game was free!

In 2015, Samsung completely changed the game (literally) with virtual reality, after releasing the Gear VR. This allowed you to experience an up close and personal 3D virtual environment. The only thing this VR headset is lacking is the walking-around experience more advanced headsets on PC are offering.

All of a sudden, in 2016, augmented reality games quickly formed. When Pokémon Go first came out, millions of gamers emerged from their homes to catch their favorite Pokémon. Some even traveled abroad to “catch them all!”.

So, to our original question – do we need a gaming phone?

Based on what we’ve seen up to this point… probably. If we want mobile gaming to appeal to more “hardcore” gamers, we need hardware that’s strong enough to handle the best games the industry can offer.

Unless smartphone manufacturers are given a reason to innovate and put that much power in our pockets, that may never happen. But with a serious interest in mobile gaming, and pioneering technology like the Razer phone, companies will be given a reason to invest more resources into creating a true gaming phone.


All-in-all, mobile gaming is indeed “bigger and better than ever before”.

Between making more money than any other gaming platform and huge advances in mobile technology, mobile is making a stand to shift public perception and becoming a serious gaming category.

But are “gaming phones” required? Should smartphones become another dedicated gaming console?

Well, it depends on how much power we need to play the latest and greatest games. If there’s a gap (and currently, there is), then we need to seriously consider the idea of a dedicated smartphone with enough power for gamers.

And considering that mobile gaming is the biggest money maker in the industry right now, and nearly everyone has one, it’s more than likely that the Razer Phone, ROG phone or Black Shark  won’t be the last “gaming phones” on the market. Rather than asking which is the best gaming phone ? Our category can be more straightforward with the arrival of Gaming Phones. The concept looks sharp & clear & we will enjoy the Gaming aspect of our Smartphones.

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