Today, we are going to take a detailed look at one of the next-generation FPS title, DOOM Eternal which takes its roots from its predecessor, the original behemoth, Doom II: Hell on Earth.

Gamers who were addicted to the original doom and its sequel Doom II like myself felt at the home when ID teased the 25 minutes long Doom eternal gameplay.

(Source : Bethesda Softworks)

The sudden announcement was enough to take anyone down a nostalgia trip, but how exactly does the new Doom game pay homage to the Original Doom II and other ID games of the yesteryear.

PLOT and setting:

As with the original Doom and Doom II, much of the narrative was based on a text-based screen which popped up every now and then once you completed a chapter but to much extent it deals with our hero, The ”The Doom slayer” venturing off to the UAC base at Phobos and fighting hordes of undead UAC marines and demons, Our hero then enters a portal which leads him directly to the different depths of hell, where he settles the beef with the ultimate monstrosity, ” The Cyber demon” (take note that a similar narrative takes place in the 2016 reboot of Doom). And as he makes his way back to Earth after fighting demons left and right, In a very unexpected turn of events, a portal opens up on Earth and every major city is taken over by grim forces of evil and hence once again you have to fight your way to stop this demonic epidemic. From the looks of it, Doom eternal follows the same storyline in a way but at the same time, adding tons of lore to the Doom guy and his origins.

doomslayer's origin from the 2016 reboot of doom
New Enemies??

As with the original Doom saga, many new enemy types were seen in the sequel to the original doom. You have your ”Arachnotron”, A miniature version of spider mastermind, ”Arch-vile” a sinister revenant like creature which can resurrect the dead, “heavy weapon dude” a zombie which is equipped with a machine gun, the ”Barron of Hell” which is like a hell knight but having more stronger array of projectile attacks to his disposal,”Pain elemental” a demon which can spawn tiny flying demon skulls called ”lost souls” and last but not least, The Grand Daddy and the original last boss of the game, ”The icon of sin” which happened to be the last boss in Doom II and also made an Easter egg appearance in the 2016 reboot. Many of these demons were teased in the gameplay trailer for Doom eternal, where Arachontron and pain elemental seemed like a normal occurring enemy also the Mancubus seemed more of a redesign from the original game.


IF you’re looking forward to the next instalment of doom, just keep in mind that these are just some of the enemies you might stumble upon.


Something new to doom we saw in the new Doom eternal gameplay trailer was the emphasis on platforming, which was a part of the original Doom saga but from what I can speculate, ID somehow took inspiration from its Quake games as the sheer speed and intensity of the brutality and jumping across different platforms is often regarded best with the Quake series. The original doom 2 also featured various stages where the player had to jump over different obstacles to get to a certain point by sprinting (yes that’s a weird logic ID implemented in the first doom games) but much of the inspiration is from the Quake series.

Hello again, heavy metal? 

If you’ve been around long enough, you might have heard a lot of thrash metal and grunge in the original Doom games. Much of the in-game music was midi but the awful lot of the soundtracks sounded like straight rip-offs of Alice in Chains, Pantera, Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer. The music composition department at ID has always focused on rock music and the 2016 reboot of Doom is no exception. Most of it revolved around an eight-string guitar with very very much djent and electronic music.