Bethesda games finally unveiled their next first-person combat blockbuster-to-be, the Doom Eternal, the sequel to the 2016 reboot, at QuakeCon 2018 keynote address which has riled up the fan base with a massive surge of anticipation for the new striking gore and violence filled gameplay teased at the event. The game director, Marty Stratton and creative Director Hugo Martin, brimming with confidence, claimed this game to be the “the best thing ever!”. These are the times marked with rampant outbursts of numerous game developers pouring out their creative minds into their work, conspicuous from some sublime works like Witcher 3 and whatnot, and cooking up something mindblowing to satiate the thirst of enthusiastic gamers. And the entry of this game’s cinematic trailer had the same effect on the viewers with the director’s words fueling the anticipation of fans. Mart Stratton stated ” they are not just making a Doom game now, they are making a Doom universe

What new additions are brought in this game compared to its predecessor? let’s try to squeeze out as much as we can from the 15 min trailer.



First off this game is much more open and varied than its monotonous predecessor with an expanded storyline with a top-tier badass character wand new pieces of equipment to adding up to his arsenal of weapons which is forged to kick demonic alien butt. Talking about demons, this game has gone mental with monstrous demons unleashed from hell. The cities are taken over by these grotesque creatures and the main character “DOOM Slayer” breaks through the cities with his grappling skills and his kickass gun enforced with a new weapon called “Ballista” which can spear the enemies with a bolt of lightning. Our big boy Doom Slayer is as energetic as they come! We can appreciate his mobility from his wall climbing skills, short range dash to close in on enemies in an instance and fluent and seamless movements keep[ing up with the demons. The arsenal of weapon has also been amplified by the fine collection of lethal weapons like arm blade with a shotgun, a shoulder-mounted flamethrower, a rocket launcher and a grenade launcher. Well, the demons unleashed from hell are in for another hell to impinge upon their sorry selves.

When we talk about graphics, of course, they have employed a remarkable engine, Id Tech 7, which will bring you 10 times better and enhanced geometric detail as compared to the previous Doom.

Another promising feature you’ll get to enjoy is the ability to take over a demon and invade into another player’s game. Multiplayer has indeed been improved with the co-op hunting parties of players to take on the demons together. You can even turn of the invasion mode off to rid yourself of demons, in case you’re tired of computer demons.

Based on our inference from the trailer and other information on the game, you should definitely add this into your wishlist for must play games of  2019 as they will be launching it on PC, XBox and, PS4.