Nvidia Ray Tracing is like the new trend among the latest games. Players with expensive Graphic Cards who wanted to try Ray Tracing, unfortunately, cannot find well-optimized titles. Similarly, Doom Eternal will have no Ray Tracing in its launch due to these reasons.

Well, Previously Marty Stratton, executive producer of Doom Eternal, promised everyone that the game will have Ray Tracing during its launch. He was a bit over-confident saying, “we’ll do it better than anybody honestly”. However, in a recent interview with Digital Foundry, Stratton took his words back

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“So we actually haven’t talked about that at all. And we, quite frankly, haven’t spent a ton of time. The team basically did some initial implementation and exploration about a year ago. But at that same time, we had so much that we wanted to do on the game still.

“Our tech team, they are the biggest fans of new tech. So it was a little hard to pull everybody off of that because it was the shiny new toy, but when we’re talking about getting the game out there and getting it out as close to on time as possible and at the highest polished quality, we kind of had to pull back on that effort.

Apart from this, Stratton also kind of degraded Ray Tracing saying it is “reflections, shadows, and real-time lighting”. According to him, there are other important things to consider, other than Ray Tracing. Lastly, Stratton also explained that Ray Tracing will be part of Doom Eternal, and the tech team has developed a better idea of how to implement it.

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In my opinion, its a good initial step, because I’d prefer an optimized Ray Tracing feature than some rushed unoptimized one. Well, Doom Eternal has not been delayed at least, like other games, but one of the important features is being delayed. Players who purchased GeForce RTX Cards will find this news sad, but I’m sure players will understand that Ray Tracing is new, and its optimization is quite poor at the moment. Developers seemingly need more time to enhance this feature, if players want to enjoy it on recommended rigs.

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