The OnePlus 7 Pro 5G just recently launched in the United Kingdom on EE, so not many users have access to the product. OnePlus is known to add new wallpapers and live wallpapers to new variants of its existing devices, and the 5G 7 Pro model is no different. If you own a previous generation OnePlus device or the current generation 7 or 7 Pro, you can download and use the new live wallpaper from the 5G 7 Pro.

How to download live wallpapers

To do so, download and install the latest OnePlus Wallpaper Resources APK file ( from here (or mirrored at APKMirror). This APK was extracted from the 5G OnePlus 7 Pro factory image and can only be installed on OnePlus devices running Android Pie-based OxygenOS. However, if you want you can extract the .mp4 file from the APK for use on other devices. There are two video files, one made at 60Hz and one at 90Hz.

Image credits: SpasilliumNexus from the OnePlus forums

Installing this APK will make you lose the red live wallpaper shipped with OnePlus devices, but you can get it back by heading over to the App Info page for OPWallpaperResources in Settings and uninstalling updates. In addition, you may need to clear the storage of the OPWallpaperResources app after updating to get the live wallpaper preview to show up.

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