Dr Disrespect is having a hard time dealing with Anxiety after Twitch Ban

Dr Disrespect once again opens up about his Twitch Ban, saying that the ban is now causing him anxiety. In a YouTube Video, Guy Beahm aka Dr Disrespect said that in the past he has been in tough situations, but he has never dealt with anxiety until now.

“I’ve played sports my whole life. I’ve been in high-pressure situations with a game on the line, streaming in front of a ton of people with a game on the line, Man, we’ve lived a good life. But I’ve never dealt with anxiety before.”

Guy Beahm is pretty upset about how everything was taken away from him in a flash. Obviously, things get bitter, because so far Twitch has not given any particular reason why Dr Disrespect’s channel was banned.

“To have that taken away from you, and to not know why, and to not know anything about it. Not to be told nothing. Boom, taken, grabbed. Everything we’ve built. All the eggs in one bucket. Boom, taken away.”

Last Month on his YouTube Return Stream. Dr Disrespect said that the way Twitch Banned him was a “fucking cockroach approach”, saying a lot of money was involved and that he will “let the legal professionals do what they need to do. That’s it. Period.”

Despite having a great return on YouTube, and getting more than Million Views on average. Dr Disrespect says that he still can not get over the ban. According to him, the return on YouTube is fantastic, but the anxiety waves keep on coming.

“We’ve overcome a lot of ‘stuff’ in the past and we got to such a good point ladies and gentlemen, Champions Club. I’m talking all cylinders firing… feeling incredible, and everything.”

“The fact that I’m here on YouTube, it has been a fantastic return. But my anxiety levels are so high that they come in these huge waves, and I’m having a hard time dealing with it.”

In addition to that, he also said that he used to play with other streamers and enjoy numerous tournaments. Doc didn’t admit that he misses his streaming friends, but we all know that due to Twitch Policies, streamers cannot play with banned users. Guy Beahm said that “There’s nothing I can do about it”. He recalled “We’re trying to learn the dark alleyway, man. We’re trying to get out of it.”.

In March the doc signed a multi-million dollar deal with Twitch. However, months later his Account was permenently banned from the streaming platform. For a few days, there was complete silence, but then Twitch released a statement saying that violation of their rules applies to all streamers regardless of there status. Dr Disrsepect since then has tweeted and given numerous interviews, consistently mentioning that no specific reason about the ban was given.