Dragon Quest Walk

Dragon Quest Walk is now officially coming to Android and IOS later this year, but it will be released only in Japan with no official news about the release in western countries.

Dragon Quest Walk is a location-based game very similar to Pokemon GO. Players will be able to unlock quests and collect items from in-real-life hotspots. It’s closed beta will kick off on June 11th, which means that we are not that far from the initial release of the game. But there is still no news about the western release, but if it does well in Japan, then they might think to release this in the western countries.

It was announced during an event in Tokyo which was Square Enix. During the event, the producer of this series said that they are currently working on series development which will connect to XII. He also said: “I think it’s still too early, but we would like to announce it in some form.”

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