Since the early ages of gaming, Doom has been the most successful gaming franchise since day one. From early 90’s to the current era of 2018, people still couldn’t get enough of killing and butchering the demons and monsters in the world of Doom with massive gun power and special sci-fi weapons.Doom Eternal

Developers over at Bethesda has done a great job yet again of bringing some of their most iconic franchises over the last years. After the revival of Wolfenstein, Bethesda was quite successful in bringing back the master of all FPS games with a fresh reboot of Doom that caused the franchise of Doom to breathe new life into a title that had been facing a hard time in making the jump to the modern era of FPS style games. Now when Bethesda finally got the time out of the flagship relaunch, they are making a new sequel for it.

The new sequel is called “Doom Eternal”

During Bethesda’s annual E3 press conference the company displayed a teaser-trailer that showed many of the iconic enemies from the series of Doom, including the minotaur-like cyber-demon and the giant spider-brains with a mounted laser. The trailer’s backdrop was that of a desecrated metropolitan city overcome by necrotic tentacles and debris. The teaser ended with a shot of Doom Slayer, AKA “Doomguy” putting on his iconic green helmet before jumping into the action.

After the trailer was shown, two dev team members came out to give a few more details about what fans can expect from Doom Eternal. The devs promised a more powerful Doomslayer and twice as many demon types for players to destroy. Hell on Earth was, of course, promised as well. However, beyond those sparse trinkets, not much more information was forthcoming other than the fact that they will be revealing more detailed information on Doom Eternal this August at the annual Quake Con event in Texas. At least there’s only about a two-month wait until we get more info.

Stay tuned for more E3’18 Updates!