The Last Of Us is the most iconic and the most successful exclusive PlayStation title since the launch of the first part in 2013, The last of us has been a great influence amongst all of the gamers out there regardless of the platform they prefer to play on, many players over the years have bought the PlayStation just to play The Last Of Us. Even PC Master Race members who sometimes like to make fun of console gamers, bought PlayStation just to experience the exclusive famous title “The Last Of Us”. This game has made a mark amongst all of the gamers and gaming industry. 

It was a matter of time, people were eagerly waiting for the new part or sequel to come out for the original Last Of Us. Guess what? Sony and NaughtyDogs just revealed The Last of Us II”

The Eleven-minute long trailer for The Last of Us II showed us that Ellie is a playable character in our first glimpse of gameplay for the title. The trailer starts with a younger, more innocent Ellie at a dance with her friends and a female romantic interest, probably during a more peaceful time, but there is an unclear placement in the timeline of events beginning with the outbreak to the ending of the first game. Leaping years later, Ellie is shown to be a highly capable and deadly fighter. The trailer includes stealth elements that were a cornerstone of the first game, as well as a refined form of the brutal melee combat from the original.

The Last Of Us Part II is going to be one of the next-gen games that are being developed on a vast budget as it is a single-player focused narrative game. Sony has had an amazing stellar year of exclusives, specifically in this genre which includes Horizon Zero Dawn and the new God of War. The developers are now tasked to deliver the huge expectations coming over from the previous The Last of Us while pushing forward both the technical and narrative aspects of the genre, just as similar to what they did in the final years of the PlayStation 3.

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