Last year, Spotify, Google Chrome, EA, and E3 saw major data being leaked. This data included hundreds of people, whom addresses, phone numbers, occupations, job titles, and mainly everything was leaked. E3 is perhaps the biggest event every year, that hosts hundreds of companies, along with many journalists, and YouTubers. Last year in E3, sensitive information of almost everyone who signed up for the event was leaked. This was a major drawback on their reputation, thus they have decided to have better security measurements this year.

“Earning back your trust and support is our top priority,” the post reads. “That’s why we rebuilt the E3 website with enhanced and layered security measures developed by an outside cybersecurity firm. This included updating our data management processes, including the handling of personally identifiable information, and we will no longer store that data on our site.”

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Electronic Software Association will now only require minimum data to sign-up. Afterward, this data will not be stored on their website, thus a breach cannot happen in near future. E3 further did not explain their enhanced security measures, mainly because then it’ll allow hackers and insiders to take their chances.

Last year ESA faced a lot of criticism when the data was leaked. I think the criticism was valid, because ESA is a major video game conference, and this sort of leak is unjustified. After the leak happened, journalists and many individuals were contacted through their personal information. People showed up on those addresses, many were called, some were harassed, and it was a total disaster. Popular YouTuber Sophia Narwitz was also called by strangers because her data was leaked by ESA (accidentally). E3 apologized for all these issues, saying that it’ll never happen again, “this occurrence and have put measures in place to ensure it will not occur again.”

Last but not least, Sony is not attending this year’s E3, because it is not in their best interest.

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