Few weeks ago we heard about the Stadia Pro going free for two months. Google saw massive increase on Stadia’s playerbase, and later they announced that more games will be announced for Google Stadia.

Well, EA has come forward and announced that five titles will join Stadia. The games include Star Wards Jedi: Fallen Order, which will join Stadia this year. More games include FIFA and Madden series which will happen either this year’s winter or 2021.

Along with that, more EA titles will also join Stadia in 2021. The company’s CEO Andrew Wilson believes Stadia delivers an innovative game experience.

“Cloud is opening up exciting new possibilities for play,” said EA CEO Andrew Wilson. “In partnering with Google Stadia, we have an opportunity to deliver some creative and innovative game experiences on an exciting new platform.”

Recent Stadia News

Inside Google Stadia | WIRED UK

Google Reported that its cloud gaming device will have more than 120 games in 2020. We have only heard about half, like the recent Lost Words: Beyond the Page.

You can still get the Stadia Pro trial, which features nine excellent titles. Stadia Pro features 4K/HDR Streaming, along with that 5.1 Surround Sound is also available. Lastly, Google has reduced the 4K Quality to 1080p.

Like Netflix, Last month Google wrote that they are “working toward a temporary feature that changes the default screen resolution from 4k to 1080p. The vast majority of people on a desktop or laptop won’t notice a significant drop in gameplay quality.”

The 9 games include

  • Destiny 2: The Collection
  • Grid
  • Gylt
  • Metro Exodus
  • Steamworld Dig 2
  • Steamworld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech
  • Thumper
  • The Serious Sam Collection
  • Spitlings
  • Stacks on STack

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