It was not long ago where EA teased a remaster for the Command & Conquer series for PC. The fans rejoiced and was looking forward to more news regarding the matter. Following the tease came an announcement or rather hint towards EA’s take on microtransactions and their newly teased remasters for the Command & Conquer series. Since then EA has now officially revealed that Command & Conquer and Red Alert will be getting PC remasters. The remasters will include all 4 of the expansion packs from Covert Ops, Counterstrike and Aftermath.


Jim Vessella, Creative Director at EA, made the announcement for the remasters without giving the community an official release date for the projects. Infact, Vessella has said that the development has not even begun as of yet. To keep the remasters true to their heritage, EA has partnered with Petroglyph Games and Lemon Sky Studios. Vessella stated that the teams and members working on the remasters “includes many of the original developers from Westwood Studios, and some of the most influential members of the original Command & Conquer development team from 1995.”

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