How many times we have seen EA dropping a clue on Twitter with no title? Well, its something to be happy about.

EA Just dropped a tweet where you can see an EA Cup Glowing off Steam, That’s very to understand, EA Games available at Steam. We heard rumours a half a year ago that EA is planning to increase their sales by adding their games on Steam. This might just be true in the coming time.

Apart from EA Tweet, Earlier this week @RobotBrush on Twitter posted a test application to run Origin games through Steam. The game was available at steam however upon clicking you open it through Origin.

This is so exciting, considering I’ve always wanted my Steam friends to play EA games. I know Origin has all those features too, but there is something about Steam which feels incredible. If the evidence is true, we might play Apex Legends, FIFA 20, Battlefield V and other EA games on Steam.

In my opinion, EA is going in the right direction. We saw EA struggling with their new titles and popularity. Their games being featured on Steam would just improve it, and maybe solve most of EA problems? Stay updated.