EA & Steam partnered up after a decade to sell various games. Many major titles & minor titles returned to Steam in a pretty quick time. Steam’s recent indications show that many of EA titles prices have significantly increased. These include some new & old titles.

Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate-Edition, price has now changed to £24.99, £5 increase. Sim City 4: Deluxe is now £17.99, a 50% increase for a 16-year-old game is horrific. Take a look at the list of price changes.

Crysis 2: Maximum Edition: GBP: £24.99 (old price: £19.99)
Mass Effect Collection: GBP: £29.99 (old price: £22.99)
SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition: GBP: £17.99 (old price: £9.99)

These are just a few of all games that have prices increased. Furthermore, these increases also vary in currency. A Reddit user explained that prices only increased in some countries, these include UK, Canada, Europe, Brazil, and Russia. Other currencies have not been affected by any standard. Similarly, some games are now expensive in specific currencies, which is the actual problem. Dragon Age is very expensive in New Zealand now, and Dead Space 2 is cheap.

Furthermore, EA approach is hard to question. Firstly, why would they increase the price for a 16-year-old game that was released in 2003?. Secondly, why is the price difference in some regions, making it expensive and sometimes cheap. EA nor Steam did not inform Users about the price hike, which makes us wonder what if they are trying to attempt a cheap discount percentage by increasing previous prices. Similarly, Origin prices are also controversial comparing Steam, so are they trying to attract users towards Origin?. I think EA should have informed users about the price increase, because it seems a cheap move, considering many players might have added these games to their wish list for a specific budget.

You can take a look at all prices that changed on SteamDB here

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