EA Play Live, supposed to replace E3 has been postponed. Along EA Play Live, Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition has been postponed from June 9-14 to June 16-22.

On the other hand, EA Play Live was scheduled for June 11, is now postponed to June 18. These delays are happening because of the unjust death of George Floyd. George Floyd was killed by multiple cops last week, after which the whole U.S. Population lit up to protest. It is understandable why events are being delayed or canceled because the traffic audience would be very less. Moreover, Fans will also protest that a specific company did not stand up with the #BlackLivesMatter Movement.

The protests have been quiet deadly, as shops and places are being damaged. The Country is really upset about the person’s death, and protest participants keep increasing.

Electronic Arts wrote on twitter “With the important conversations taking place and important voices being heard around the world right now. We’re moving our time to come together in play”

“We’ll see you at EA Play Live 2020 on June 18 at 4pm PDT /7pm EDT.

Yesterday, Rockstar Games announced that they will close all Online Servers to honor George Floyd. Moreover, Infinity Ward announced that they will be delaying the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Warzone, and COD: Mobile Upcoming Season’s. 

CD Projekt Announced that Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire event is being postponed to 25th June. And lastly, the major PS5 Event which was very anticipated was also canceled. In the coming days, we can expect new dates for all of these cancelled events. So far things are not getting better, and we might end up seeing most of these events next month.