Very Recently, Microsoft dropped a big announcement that EA play would collab with Xbox Game Pass permenently. This is a merge between EA’s subscription, that allows you to play games like FIFA, Mass Effect, Battlefield, Titanfall 2, and many more. Now with Xbox Game Pass and EA Play together, you can not only play the games already in-game pass, but also those from EA. Further, this feature was added for free, and the subscription price has remained unchanged.

Microsoft announced that this update for Game Pass on Console would happen on November 10. They didn’t say anything about PC, until today. A New Microsoft announcement says that EA Play will be added to Xbox Game Pass PC In December.

Xbox Game Pass is growing very rapidly. Recently, Microsoft said that subscribers have grown to a whopping 15 million. On top of that, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer confirmed that after the acquisition of ZeniMax Media. All Bethesda titles will be available on Game Pass From Day 1. He also confirmed that highly anticipated Starfield will also join Xbox Game Pass. Doom Eternal will be the first Bethesda title to join Game Pass. You can read more about that here.