EA is being extra certain in Anthem’s performance, sufficient enough to boost its fourth-quarter estimates.

Through EA’s Q2 earnings report, the publisher provided an update on Anthem and its expectations as far as sales come release.

EA stated that feedback from in-house tests has been positive. In more particular terms, the publisher announced that it’s suspecting a 20% to 25% improvement in digital, full game sales throughout the quarter, mainly because of Anthem.

That’s a reasonable bit above EA’s initial expectations, though the company didn’t embellish more about Anthem specifically. It’s possible, of course, EA’s early forecast was moderate.

Anthem is a unique IP from a studio whose most new game was a commercial and critical flop. That said, and considering how occupied the February-March release season is going to be next year, this determination must be based on internal metrics we’re not privy to.

At Paris Games Week over the weekend, EA entertained an Anthem livestream where a new mission was showed off. We also got a more comprehensive look at the Storm Javelin.

There should be another Anthem stream this week, too, scheduled for tomorrow, though certain channels have yet to confirm the details.

Anthem is expected to release on February 22 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A pre-order select demo will be going live on February 1.

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