Electronic Arts and microtransactions is a term all too common for the gaming world. Quite recently the company received massive backlash from the gaming community regarding their policy on microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II. After the reaction from the community, EA temporarily disabled the features that required in-game purchases. EA later confirmed that microtransactions are a part of their games and they are here to stay.

Microtransactions and “Command & Conquer”

Jim Vessella, EA Creative Director, took to Reddit to talk about the newly teased Command & Conquer PC remaster. With this announcement came questions on what Electronic Arts’ standpoint would be on microtransactions. Jim Vessella clearly stated “We will not be adding any microtransactions to a C&C Remaster”. It is great that a statement has been made regarding the stance EA has taken regarding their upcoming Command & Conquer remaster.

This is great news for the loyal fanbase of the Command & Conquer series especially after EA’s recent take on microtransactions. Keeping the pay-to-play aspect out of the game and keeping a level playing field for all the players is much appreciated since it is skill that should be the deciding factor in victory for games with such eSports potential.