Recently, I spoke about the Witcher 3 constant increasingly player base. The game went on to have 100K players at a time, and it was Steam’s top 5 most played game of the day. Furthermore, the old Witcher games are also having a tremendous success in recent months thanks to The Witcher Netflix Series.

Elon Musk is another tech guru, who is obsessed with CD Projekt Red. Previously he spoke about the Cyberpunk 2077 featuring the latest Tesla Truck, and now he has Tweeted something similar. The genius, who has 30 million twitter followings wrote a tweet questioning, “Want to play The Witcher game on your Tesla? (you can already watch the show on Tesla Netflix theater). Well, the results were obviously convincing, however, I am not sure if this idea will work out.

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Yes, it will be fun playing Witcher 3 while driving? Wait no. That is something you don’t want because then there will be tons of crashes because drivers were playing Witcher 3. However, it’ll be real fun if your kids can play Witcher 3 while you are taking them on a long drive, potentially keeping them busy. Well, it is out of my mind, how Elon will try to make this happen. He has done some remarkable things over the years, and you cannot criticize his ideas easily.

Coming to a conclusion, well CD Projekt Red is having a tremendous year. We can see how much The Witcher TV show has impacted the company. There are more than twice books being printed, player base has gone to the next level, the sales are on the rise, and Cyberpunk 2077 is also set to release in 2020. The Witcher trend is being appreciated by everyone, and some are planning to play them in cars too!

The Witcher 3 player base has increased significantly, on par with Red Dead Redemption now
The Witcher Season 2 will have a much focused story.
500,000 New Witcher Books are being printed in the US.